PokeNotify: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where did the PokeNotify app go? I can't find it in the Google Play (Android) app store!
A: Google removed the app from the app store because of alleged app store policy violations. While we work to fix this, you can get PokeNotify here.

Q: How can I be notified about new versions of PokeNotify, when it is back in the app store, etc?
A: You can sign up to be notified about these things here.

Q: I am getting a 'problem parsing the package' error when I try to download PokeNotify. Why?
A: Please try downloading the app from the link using Google Chrome on either your phone or computer. Some other browsers and download managers do not respect redirects, leading to this issue.

Q: Why am I not receiving any notifications from PokeNotify?
A: Please make sure that:
  1. The PokeNotify app is installed
  2. You have clicked "Enable Notifications" in the PokeNotify app
  3. You have Location Services turned on on your phone
  4. You have check-marked the Pokemon you want to be notified of in the PokeNotify app
If you have done all of the following and notifications are still not coming through, it is possible the Pokemon you have check-marked to be notified are not in your area. Try check-marking more common Pokemon, such as Pidgey, Zubat, and Rattata and see if notifications for these more common Pokemon appear.

If you are still not able to receiving notifications, even for these common Pokemon, after some time, make sure you have a notification in the notifications bar that say "PokeNotify is searching in the background". If you do not have this notification, PokeNotify is not searching. If you have the "PkmnGO is down" notification, see the next question in this FAQ. If "PokeNotify is searching in the background" is being displayed, but you receive no notifications for Pokemon, open the Pokemon GO app and ensure that there are indeed Pokemon nearby in your area that match the Pokemon you have marked to be notified of in PokeNotify.

If there are Pokemon present that are not showing up, it is possible you are hitting a bug in PokeNotify. Unfortunately you will have to try installing PokeNotify on another phone, or waiting for a new version of PokeNotify to come out that fixes these issues.

Q: I am getting the notification "PkmnGO is down", how do I fixed this?
A: Sometimes Pokemon GO servers are slow to respond, or are completely unresponsive. At these times PokeNotify will not find any Pokemon in your area, and you will get this notification. This issue should fix itself when Pokemon GO's servers are responsive again. Note: just because your personal Pokemon GO app is working, does not mean PokeNotify should be working.

Q: Do I need to have the Pokemon GO app open for PokeNotify to work?
A: Nope. Pokemon GO doesn't even need to be installed for PokeNotify to work, although I wouldn't recommend that.

Q: How far away can a Pokemon be and still be detected by PokeNotify?

A: Pokemon up to one mile away from you will be discovered by PokeNotify. Currently the range in which Pokemon are discovered cannot be adjusted, but future versions of the app will have this feature. If you'd like to be notified when this new feature is available, click here.

Q: How often does PokeNotify look for Pokemon?
A: PokeNotify runs in the background once a minute to look for new Pokemon in your area.

Q: Where is the iOS version?
A: Coming soon! Development of the iOS app has started. You can subscribe to get notified when we release the iOS version here.

Q: Can I be banned for using PokeNotify?
A: It is very unlikely that you would be banned for using PokeNotify. A detailed explanation of why is here.

Q: What does the "m" next to a number in a "Pokemon is nearby" notification represent For example "49m"?

A: The "m" represent meters, as in how many meters the Pokemon is from you. So that Pokemon is 49 meters from you.

Q: I'm being notified when Pokemon are nearby, but how do I see exactly where these Pokemon are located?
A: Clicking on the notification that tells you a certain Pokemon is nearby should open up the Maps app on your phone. The Maps app should have a marker placed at the location of the Pokemon.

Q: When I click a notification, the Maps app doesn't open, PokeNotify does. 
A: Try force closing PokeNotify, then clicking on the notification again. After viewing the map, remember to reopen PokeNotify so it scans in the background again.

Q: When I click a notification, the Maps app doesn't open, Waze or some other app does. 
A: This happens when you have some app other than Google Maps set as the default mapping app on your phone. Follow the directions here to reset your defaults.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: Please email tickets@apptastic.uservoice.com with questions, bugs, and feature requests.

Q: Why haven't you responded to my question or issue?
A: I am a one-man team and so responding to all questions and issues is difficult. But I read everything I receive and am actively working to fix issues with the app, add new features, and post new questions / answers to this FAQ. 

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